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O-ring Service Kit 232009DAV Diesel Pro O-ring Service Kit for Vent Cap and Cover Assembly

O-ring Service Kit

  • Includes O-rings for vent cap and collar
  • For Diesel Pro and Shop Pro ST filtration units
  • Part Number: 232009DAV

Price: $15.27
240002SDAV Diesel Pro Collar 240002SDAV Diesel Pro Collar

Collar for Diesel Pro

  • Can be removed with a DAVCO wrench or a common tool
  • Part Number: 240002SDAV

Price: $52.32
Vent Cap Service Kit 240023DAV Vent Cap

Torque limiting vent cap and o-ring

  • Used on all products
  • Part Number: 240023DAV

Price: $26.56
243013SDAV Diesel Pro Cover Service Kit 243013SDAV Diesel Pro Cover Service Kit

Diesel Pro Cover Service Kit

  • Includes cover, collar, spring, vent cap and vent cap o-ring
  • The collar o-ring not included
  • Part Number: 243013SDAV

Price: $84.33
243035DAV Diesel Pro 243 Rebuild Kit 243035DAV Diesel Pro 243 Rebuild Kit

This kit contains all serviceable parts for the basic Diesel Pro 243 model.

  • Cover, Collar, Spring, Vent Cap and Vent Cap Seal and Collar Seal
  • Check Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Instructions
Part Number: 243035DAV

Price: $169.57
380056DAV Spring 380056DAV Spring

Filter/Vent Cap Spring

  • Holds the filter in place inside the clear cover
  • Used in all products
  • Part Number: 380056DAV

Price: $7.43