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DP210 Upgrade Kit 243210DAVK7-07

210 replacements kit
Price: $425.00

The DAVCO replacement for NAVISTAR 1822190C94 (DAVCO p/n 210109) and NAVISTAR 1822520C96 (DAVCO 210110) is DAVCO p/n 243210DAVK7-07. Price is $407.06 (usd) each.

Navistar has chosen not to sell this replacement item, so you can purchase direct from DAVCO. The by-pass block will replace the existing DP210 model so that you do not have to modify the hard lines that they are plumbed to it. The current DP210 is mounted/plumbed on the pressure side of the lift pump, but the NEW DP243 unit needs to be mounted/plumbed into the suction side of the lift pump. It does not get mounted in the same place as the DP210.

The 243210DAVK7-07 replacement kit includes everything you need, except the fuel hose. You will need to supply the fuel hose from the fuel tank to the DP243 and from the DP243 to the lift pump. The NEW DP243 will be mounted on the frame rail between the fuel tank and the lift pump.
Download the instruction manual (Form F3199) pdf format

If you have any questions please call DAVCO at 800-328-2611